1310 nm Variable Delay Line

Variable Optical Delay Line provides precision optical path variation of more than 15 cm (500 ps). The compact, rugged design makes the device ideal for integration in network equipment, test instruments, and optica...

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Fiber Optic Tunable Filter (FOTF Series)

Product Name: Fiber Optic Tunable Filter (FOTF Series) The Fiber Optic Tunable Filter is based on fiber Fabry-Perot interferometer technology. Activated by a piezoelectric transducer, the device can be tuned ac...

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1550 nm In-Line Polarizer

The In-line Polarizer is designed to pass light with one specific polarization while blocking the other polarization. It can be used to convert unpolarized light into polarized light with high extinction ratio. It c...

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PM Tap Coupler (Fast Axis Blocked)

The Polarization Maintaining Tap Coupler is manufactured by using advanced technology to allow the input signal to be splitted at various ratios with high extinction ratio.

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1550 nm Fused Tap Coupler

The SMC Singlemode Standard Couplers offer very low insertion loss, low polarization dependence and excellent enviromental stability. Accurate coupling ratio from 50/50 to 1/99 are available with very good uniformit...

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1310/1480/1550 nm PM Fused Tap Coupler

Key Features ●Wavelength 445 - 2100 nm available ●Coupling ratio from 50/50 to 1/99 available ●Low excess loss ●High power handling ●High stability and reliability ●Special Wavelengths WDM also available Applications ●Po...

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1550 nm Ultra Low Ratio Tap Coupler

The Ultra Low Ratio Tap Coupler splits a very small amount of light from a signal path to a tap port. Low tap ratios such as 0.1%, 0.01% or 0.001% enable the monitoring photodetector to operate without damage or sat...

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PM Faraday Mirror

The Polarization Maintaining Faraday Mirror is a passive device that provides 90 degree rotation regarding to the polarization state of the input light. The PMFM offers excellent performance including the lowest pos...

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Faraday Rotator

The In-line Faraday Rotator is designed to rotate the polarization of the input light by 45 degrees. It performs low insertion loss, high extinction ratio, high return loss and excellent environmental stability. It ...

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